Azure is the most used cloud service in Finland – What makes Solita the best Azure consultancy?

Solita has received the Microsoft Azure Data, Analytics and AI Partner of Year award two times in a row, holds several Microsoft competencies, is Azure Expert MSP and has advanced specialization in Analytics on Microsoft Azure. These recognitions are granted by Microsoft and are based on the hard work Solitans have done in our projects. Let's find out what kind of services our Microsoft Azure practice offers and what it means in our daily work.

Current market situation

But first, why Azure?

Cloud vendor survey

According to this
study made by Solita’s Cloud unit, the most popular cloud services used by large Finnish companies are Microsoft Azure (82 %), Amazon Web Services (34 %) and Google Cloud Platform (27 %). Significant part of the respondents (43 %) are operating in multi-cloud environments, meaning they are using services from more than one provider. 

Why is Azure so popular? From data services point of view, Azure offers mature services to create complex data platforms that can meet any requirement. Many organizations already utilize the Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 ecosystems and for them Azure is a justified technology choice for the cloud journey. In addition to these services, the Microsoft ecosystem includes Power Platform making it a comprehensive and mature platform for any kind of needs. It’s not surprising that during the last few years, we have seen a significant increase in the popularity of Azure services in the Nordics and in demand for Azure experts.

What kind of Azure-based deliveries has Solita done?

Combining data, tech and human insights is the bread and butter of our offering. When it comes to Azure-based data analytics solutions, we are proud of our works like this data platform that combines modern cloud technology and the on-premises world in a unique way, the IoT edge computing solution (video!) for forest harvesting, the streaming data solution to support operational decision-making in metro traffic, and this machine learning based real-time dashboard running on the Azure platform. Technologies cover Azure capabilities widely including e.g. Synapse Analytics, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Databricks, Azure ML and Power BI. 

In addition to the strong offering with Azure data services, our Cloud unit helps companies with the implementation of Azure cloud platforms. We have received the rare Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider certification. Check out also Solita CloudBlox, our modern managed cloud service.

What makes Solita the best Azure consultancy in northern Europe?

We put focus on finding the best solutions for our customers. Our approach is to look at the overall architecture, find suitable tools for different business use cases and build well-integrated solutions. We focus on the business objectives. We are not afraid of talking business and participating in refining the requirements with the customer. We have a strong emphasis on developing the skills of our people so that we have extensive knowledge of the solutions offered in the market and what works in different situations.

From an employee point of view we make a promise that at Solita you get to work with state of the art technology and delivery methods. In our projects we use agile practices and apply DataOps principles. What this means in practice is that we support project teams with standardized ways of working, utilize automation always when applicable, build solutions for continuous delivery and are adaptive to change when needed.

Solita’s data community includes over 500 professionals. These people work mainly as consultants and also share their thoughts publicly via data focused blogs like Power Platform provides new opportunities for Microsoft users, Automatized Code Deployment from Azure DevOps to Databricks or metadata-driven development.

Solita has a strong culture of competence development

Solitans hold hundreds of Microsoft recognitions for passed certifications. Through our partnership with Microsoft we have access to Microsoft’s Enterprise Skills Initiative that offers interactive courses, certification preparation sessions and practice exams so we can improve our Azure skills and earn certifications. We encourage everyone to spend time on competence development to keep our skills up-to-date. In leading-edge technology projects we also have the possibility to collaborate and investigate solutions with Microsoft’s Black Belt professionals who have the deepest technology knowledge in these specific areas.

In addition, Solita has an internal program called Growth Academy that offers learning opportunities and competence development for all Solitans. Growth Academy makes learning  more visible and we encourage everyone to develop their skills, learn and grow. Through Growth Academy we offer learning content for Azure for different certifications and learning paths for different roles. We also have active Slack communities where people share knowledge and ask questions.

Interested? Take a deeper look at our customer cases and check out Solita’s career opportunities!


Microsoft Azure Data, Analytics and AI Partner of Year
Azure Expert MSP
Advanced specialization in Analytics on Microsoft Azure