Building the Builders

Strive for excellence not perfection

Sounds like a typical day?

It’s another morning. Senior Developer Taavi wakes up and tears the sleep out of his eyes. Long-lasting own project was finished by late night. “What a python god I am”, he thinks. Taavi makes coffee, puts his old seedy college pants on and starts a new work day. Half-eaten frozen pizza lies on the desk. Smell of empty energy drink cans wafts on his nose. Fatigue hits, but no can do. Same old tool set is opened: DevOps, Git, VSCode, terminal, CI/CD. First meeting begins. Proudly he showcases his project to colleagues and all current topics are discussed. A new junior software developer Ville has just started in the project, and Taavi is forced to be his mentor. He doesn’t really bother helping Ville. “I’d do that in a couple hours, as for Ville it takes a week”, Taavi angers and opens up a new can of energy drink. There seems to be no end to the day as Ville’s is making new problems all the time and those need to be solved. Deployment to production is in a week. “Why we gotta have those juniors, it just causes costs, deadlines aren’t met, customer satisfaction decreases and quality sinks”, Taavi thinks. 


Young and fresh minds to boost culture

Sounds familiar? Well, luckily that is not the case in Solita. We want to break those prejudices related to people working in the IT industry. At Solita, we think that the young and fresh minds have the ability to become industry-leading gurus and develop new work methods while also taking care of others in its various aspects: mentally, technically, physically. No one is ready in their early years, we admit that, nor will they ever be. Life is continuous learning and developing. We fail, we learn, we iterate. Until certain goals are met. 


Well-being and motivation

Each Solitan also commits to our core values, and even within project team members we develop our co-operation, interaction and soft skills. One team can quarterly organize team days where focus is on mental development and well-being in and outside work life. Ways to handle tough situations and recover. Another team can have a different model so we are very flexible to try out and find what works best for you, for the team and for the company. 


Now we would like to invite YOU to join us in our team day! Yes, you read correctly. Forget the letters of application, CVs, transcripts of records and come along with us to have discussions about motivation, development and self-leading what, and find out what kind of a company Solita is and how we work. If you are interested in joining our growing team, join us in an event organized by Solita in Toijala on Friday 19.11.2021 15:00-17:00 . Maybe you are passionate about data, or you have already been the employee of the month, and willing to face new meaningful challenges? Or you are a former Taavi, and you have a fresh attitude towards new success?

Just fill up your contact information and we will be in touch! Only 5 people will get a place at the event where you meet a few Solita seniors and youngsters as well. Location and agenda will be informed to participants by email.

Rough event agenda

  • Introduction and welcoming
  • Training and sweating together to get our brains working (60 min)
  • Small break and snacks
  • Individuals in the work community – Motivation – Growth attitude – Self-management – Focus (60 min)
  • Open job positions:  


We offer you a different approach to the IT industry and are keen to hear what would make your time in Solita the best time of your life! Check out some stuff about what our team is doing currently with connected factories. Making this story no senior or junior developers were harmed.